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Jarard Arnold

Full Sail University
Audio Production

Portfolio II

The following videos will display both the results of my learned skills in class and a brief overview of how I produced a particular asset for this assignment.
The DAW used for this project is Pro Tools, in cooperation with Wwise, an audio solution pipeline software.
In this walkthrough, I present sounds recorded, blended, and mixed to create an authentic gaming experience in Graveyard.

Process Video (Footstep)

As explained in my process video, I recorded with the ZOOM H5 Handy Recorder in order to create the footstep asset. However, there was were other methods I used to get all of my assets. From recording the clothes in my dryer, to flapping a blanket around, I either recorded within house or grabbed sounds elsewhere. There's also an instance where I created the Orb Loop asset via Xpand!2 plugin. For majority of the sounds, I was able to locate separate recorded Foley from Westar Music and blend the sounds to create fitting assets for Graveyard. For recorded vocals (whisper vocals at the grave sites), by my wife and I, both the Audio Technica AT 2035 and my personal Sterling Audio ST 51 were utilized. In reference to mixing I used plugins from both Izotope and Wave, and native plugins within Pro Tools.

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