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Jarard Arnold

Full Sail University
Audio Production

Project IV

Justin Myles Alone With You image.jpeg

        The moment that I heard this song, I immediately knew that I wanted to mix it for my fourth project. It was really raw and rough around the edges and had a lot of soul. The pre-chorus and chorus were so memorable that I wanted to my best to bring a different approach to this mix. I have a few mastered versions of this track, but my personal favorite is the repeating of the pre-chorus and chorus while Justin sings. This isn't in his original mix, but made sense it for to be there. It's gives Justin a tad more of an R&B structure in reference to the call and response.
He adlibs whilst another is singing the chorus, alongside the background vocals.


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        For the groove I initially had issues with Rewire and decided to go with Kontakt Player instead, since Pro Tools was able to use the vst. In comparison to the original, I chose to recording the midi in double time.

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        Concerning Rewire, it was complicated, but I managed to get to work. It was a bit much, but the results were great. I was able use Rewire with Reaper (for some reason I wasn't able to use neither Ableton or Logic Pro as a slave for Rewire), and from there I used Reaper's ReRoute to have FL Studio as a secondary slave. As I stated, the results were great. I didn't experience any latency issues, and for future reference if Rewire is completely phased out, then hopefully the industry can rely on ReRoute

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        Recording live drums was extremely fun and interesting. Things didn't work out with my live drummer, which put me in the position to use things around the house. The most difficult part creating the best snare sound. I ended up creating three layers for snares. I'll include a video discussing what exactly I used for live drums.

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